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Cayman Diving Highlights

With an island that has so much to offer in the world of diving, its important to know the high points in order to have the knowledge to plan a successful vacation that accomplishes everything you have in mind. Below are some of the Cayman diving highlights that the DNS team feels are must see’s. If you are seeking more information feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or check out our video gallery, maybe that is all you need to confirm that Grand Cayman Diving is perfect for you.

Diving with DNS

Our first dive is a guided wall dive. The walls here in Grand Cayman start around 50 feet and go down thousands of feet. Our maximum profile is 100 feet so you can choose your own comfort zone and extend your bottom time accordingly. We offer free pickup and drop-off services along Seven Mile Beach.

After a surface interval with fresh towels, homemade treats, bottled water and good conversation our second dive is a shallow reef or wreck. While diving the North Wall we generally do the second dive as a “top of the wall” dive. Since the top of the wall is between 50 to 60 feet you can spend a whole dive at this depth. It just so happens to be the best depth to run into Eagle Rays and other creatures we search the North Wall for. You can choose to go with the Instructor or venture off with a buddy. Each dive site we visit is determined based on the safety of the dive site at that particular time.

We offer complimentary pick-up service by bus along Seven Mile Beach to and from your hotel or condo. Don’t be afraid to treat us as sources of information, while riding in the van ask questions about good snorkel spots, our favorite restaurants, or for ideas of what to do with your time, other than diving with us of course.


Cayman Night Diving

Boat Night Dives

There is a totally different world underwater at night and we will take you out for a night dive you won’t soon forget. We will collect the divers and cruise to our dive site to watch the sun go down, followed by a briefing about what we are about to see. You don’t have a light for a night dive? No problem DNS will provide lights for anyone needing them at no extra charge.

Shore Night Dives

Grand Cayman has several world-class shore diving facilities that make for some spectacular night dives. DNS can personally guide you on some of the best night/shore diving Grand Cayman has to offer.

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Stingray City

Dive With the Rays

The most visited attraction in the Caribbean for divers and snorkelers and for good reason. It really is a special experience to have the ability to interact so closely with these animals.

Stingray City has a maximum depth of only 12 feet so its easy to log some bottom time while playing, feeding, and interacting with the friendly Southern Atlantic Stingrays. Let our knowledgeable staff educate you about the Stingrays, how this phenomenon started, and much more.

You know this is a special experience when our staff never gets tired of afternoons with the rays. We do this year round and never want to miss an opportunity to go play in the North Sound.

So book your Stingray City Dive Trip with us and join us for a wonderful experience.

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Grand Cayman Walls

World Famous

Recognized as the birthplace of diving in the Caribbean, Grand Cayman is one of the world’s top dive destinations, boasting clear waters, plunging walls and abundant marine life. Grand Cayman offers hundreds of dive locations. The three tiny islands are not volcanic, but actually peak off an undersea mountain known as the Cayman Ridge. This undersea mountain rises more than six miles from the ocean floor. To the South is the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea, the Cayman Trench, which plummets to depths over 2500 feet.

What attracts both novice and experienced divers to these islands are the beautifully natural attractions; at the top of the list is the famous Cayman wall. The Cayman wall is the dramatic drop off surrounding the island. Easily accessible by boat the wall begins as shallow as 50 feet, then ocean floor falls away as either a slopping or sheer vertical cliff, plummeting thousands of feet into the blue abyss.

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Explore the Wreck

The sinking of the Kittiwake took nearly a decade to become a reality and this wreck dive has now rocketed to the top of ‘must’ lists for divers and snorkelers in the Caribbean.

The 251 foot long vessel was sunk in January 2011 after years of planning, preparation, re-planning, inspections, studies and safety check. Sitting in just 64 feet of water, the vessel is easily viewed from the surface and perfect for both scuba divers and snorkelers. An experience not to be missed!

The wreck could not be safer for divers. The Cayman Islands Tourism Association ensured that the cleaning of the wreck was precise and thorough. With large openings in almost every room all sharp and harmful materials removed, this wreck just begs to be explored.

We limit our dive groups to 8 divers for this wreck for safety and enjoyment. Our staff has spent countless hours exploring the wreck, so let us give you the DNS tour.

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