What time do your trips depart?

Morning two-tank trips depart at 7:30am. Pick-up from your hotel or condo is at 7:15am and return around 10:30-11am, and afternoon two-tank trip depart at 12:30pm. Pick-up from your hotel at 12:15pm returning around 3:30-4pm

Do you have a merchandise shop on Seven Mile?

Yes. We have a fully equipped shop on Seven Mile Beach at 269 Treasure lane, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman KY1-1203 Cayman Islands. The best way to find us is with your smartphone and Google Maps. Go to Google maps and type in DNS Diving Grand Cayman, and it will take you right to our shop. We have t-shirts, tank tops, zip up hoodies, hats, toques, and rash guards. short and long sleeve shirts are available. The shop is not always staffed during the day, so the best way to purchase merchandise is to asked the DNS Diving crew to stop by the shop when you are in the van, or give us a call at 345-916-2490 and we will meet you there!

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes! Even though we run all of our trips on our spacious dive boats, we pride ourselves in taking small dive groups; therefore we can fill up quickly. As soon as you have your trip planned and booked let us know your dates as far in advance as possible. We will do everything in our power to make your trip include everything you desire.

Will we dive at different sites each day?

We base our site selection on the conditions of the current day. We welcome site requests from anyone on the boat, in case you have heard about a site you are interested in diving. Our qualified staff makes sure to be on top of current weather conditions in order to make your dive trip is as safe and easy as possible. Cayman offers so many dive sites enabling us to show you different dive sites on everyday of your trip.

When do you dive the wall?

Every 2-tank trip will start with one of beautiful wall sites that Cayman has to offer. There is always a DNS instructor in the water to guide you and make sure you do not miss any interesting underwater critters!

When do you dive the Kittiwake?

Upon request, when you are planning your trip with us, let us know you are interested in diving the Kittiwake and we will either fit it into one of our 2 tank itineraries (park fee’s not included in the 2 tank price), or we can arrange a 1 tank Kittiwake dive for the afternoon.

Do we all have to come up at the same time, or can we dive our computer profiles?

We encourage all of our divers to maximize their bottom-time (Air consumption & no-decompression time pending). This means, just because some of the group has started their ascent, doesn’t mean you have to. If you have air and time left feel free to stay down exploring underneath the boat.

Are there any dive packages?

Yes if you dive with us multiple days you become eligible for our dive packages. The deals start just after “2” days of 2 tank diving.

There are members of my group that aren’t divers, can they come on the boat and snorkel?

They are more than welcome on the boat as long as there is space available. Just keep in mind these trips are focused on diving so the first site we visit will be a wall, this means it will not be very good for snorkeling. The second site is generally a shallow reef, which could be good snorkeling. If the members of group are looking for a trip geared toward snorkeling we offer private charters that could be planned to accomplish everything you have in mind. Snorkeller is $50 US per trip.

Are the conditions better in the morning or the afternoon?

Cayman is one of the easiest and safest places to dive in the Carribean. With good conditions year round there is always good diving somewhere on the island. As far as the morning and afternoon goes there is no real difference in the conditions, both are fantastic.

What weather conditions could lead to a cancellation of a trip?

If there is significant wind and wave action we could be forced to cancel a trip, but rain is not an issue. We spend the majority of our time underwater anyway so why let the rain spoil our fun. All of our boats provide cover from the wind and rain ensuring a warmer surface interval.

How can I experience Scuba Diving if I’m not certified?

We offer PADI Discover Scuba Diving Courses. This takes an afternoon of your time and gives you the fast track into diving. Accompanied by an instructor you will learn a few skills and go for a lovely shallow dive to see what this beautiful sport is all about.

If I complete the Discover Scuba Diving course, can I dive from the boat?

Yes! After you complete your first Discover Scuba Diving course from a shore diving facility you are welcome to dive on the boat. Like the previous DSD you completed there will be an Instructor on board to guide you underwater and to ensure your trip runs smoothly and safely.

Do you have Nitrox available?

Yes! We offer 32% Enriched Air Nitrox to all customers who have been certified to use it. If you are not Nitrox Certified we are ready and waiting to continue your education.

Do you provide Valet services?

Yes, our staff is trained to take care of your diving needs. From setting up your gear, providing bottled water and homemade snacks we are here to make your vacation exceptional with our personal and professional services.

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