Trip of a Lifetime 2016

Through the lens – Little Cayman Trip of a Lifetime was a huge success this year.  We had the opportunity to dive 8 days total in Little Cayman with the last 4 days being devoted to photography both underwater and in the classroom doing post production work.  The weather was perfect and the boat banter was even better.  Southern Cross Club did an outstanding job of hosting the DNS Diving and we would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone at SCC for a job well done.

The photography was stellar and plenty of subjects to shoot for everyone.  There were jaw-fish with eggs, pipe-horse’s, elysia’s, sea slugs, turtles, arrow blennies, sea horses,   and of course the Nassau Groupers. Enough to satisfy both wide angle and macro enthusiast.  We had all types of cameras on board with different lighting techniques used.  I think everyone walked away with some pictures to hang on the wall and share with friends.

Here are a couple of shots we got during our stay.  We hope you enjoy and keep checking back for more pictures of our adventures in the water and of course for the upcoming Trip of a Lifetime 2017! The dates for the Little Cayman portion will be May 1-6 2017.  Some of the spaces have already filled so drop us an email soon if you are interested.

I had a great time with this Blenny.  The red on red turned out better than I expected.It was a real treat to get this blenny on such a colorful background.  I was worried how the red on red would look in the final cut but I think it turned out really good.  I chose this picture because I liked how the fin on the head was totally extended.



This little guy took us forever to find.  Thanks to Steve for spotting this one.The seahorses were pretty hard to find.  After the second day of looking for them, Steve’s sharp eye found the smaller dark seahorse.  He was very excited to find him and to our surprise we soon realized that he wasn’t the one we started out looking for. We had been told that a yellow seahorse was at the dive site. So after several more minutes of searching we found the yellow seahorse on the same dive! Bonus!



20160521_GCM_3353We had the chance to shoot two different types of Jawfish in Little Cayman.  The top one is the yellow-headed jawfish, and there were plenty of jawfish to choose from with eggs in their mouth.  This shot took me two days to get, both days I spent the entire dive waiting for the male to spit out the eggs and actually be able to capture the image.  The bottom picture is a banded jawfish and we found plenty of at Splash House on the last day.


20160519_GCM_3062 The texture on the star was incredible with the sea fan backdrop which made the shot so colorful. I don’t think I have done it justice. I hope I get a second chance to get this image again.





20160520_GCM_3113These couple of shot’s are a series of the same lettuce leaf sea slug.  I was on the wall at about 40 feet and this guys jumped off.  As he did his free fall I followed him down to 90 feet. This allowed enough time to do several different angles and exposures as you can see. I really enjoyed the change of the blue background.


20160519_GCM_3004-2The last one is a nurse shark close up.  I mean what are you supposed to do when you are shooting macro and a nurse shark swims this close to you? Take a picture of its eye!  We are calling this one “old blue eyes.”


Thanks for keeping up with us at DNS Diving.  More pictures to come of all our underwater encounters.  You can keep track on a day to day basis on our Instagram (dnsdiving) and Facebook (DNS Diving, Grand Cayman) accounts.

Trip of a Lifetime 2017, Little Cayman is May 1-6, 2017.  Mark it on the calendar and email to hold your spaces. It’s going to be another great trip!


Dusty Norman