Through the Lens 2016

Through the Lens with Chase

“I have a passion for the ocean and not only experiencing it and its inhabitants, but also documenting them, so keep your eyes open for new blog posts to keep up with my latest encounters”


The new year is in full swing and I must say it has already started with a bang. I have spent the majority of January shooting a new rig. I have a new toy thanks to the support of Fantasea Line and Sony. They sent down a care package that included the new Sony RX100IV and Fantasea Line FRX100IV Housing System for me to use and I must say it is an incredible piece of imaging equipment. It boasts amazing video potential with 4K internal recording and very high frame rate capabilities that produce very smooth slow motion. I couldn’t help but make the first piece of work produced with this rig to be a high-light reel of slow motion clips I captured in the month of January.



I wanted to keep the set up simple for my first dives with the camera, so all clips were shot using natural light and either a custom Kelvin Balance of 9900K or 5500K depending on depth and ambient light levels. With the addition of the Fantasea Big Eye Wide Angle Wet Attachment I was able to get closer to my subjects thus generating a sharper/cleaner image. This was exceptionally helpful for filming schooling fish and of course the playful Southern Stingrays our at the Sandbar.


I hope you enjoyed a week through my Fantasea and I look forward to sharing more work very soon.

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